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Case Studies

Client: A leading university based out of Northern United States
Audience: Mid-career executives looking for Ongoing Education
Countries Targeted:Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan and others.

Program Summary:
The university wanted to target working professionals in Middle East with 7-12 years of experience looking for an continuous eduction from an International University

Program Objective:
To reach out to English Speaking audience based out of Middle East

Program Results:
The program was delivery using Display advertising and Social Media Advertising. 1000+ online enquires were generated for the program from English speaking audience in Middle East, audience from – Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan and others.

Client: A Global Organization involved in education testing and scoring
Audience: Users with English as Second Language
Countries Targeted: South India, South East Asia, China & Middle East

Program Summary:
Campaign was optimized based on behavioural segments and re-targeting. Deliverables included Search & Display to drive impressions and leads. Program Objective:
To drive awareness and increase registrations for the service

Program Results:
Cost per registration was reduced to less than half of the original Cost per Registration. More than 4000+ registrations were generated.

Client: A leading Business School - Internationally ranked among top 15
Audience: Senior Industry Professsionals/ C-Level Executives for Short Term Specialized Executive Courses
Target Countries: India

Program Summary:
Reach out to audiences with 10 years+ experience at mid-management level within different functional areas seeking to get advanced certifications

Program Objective:
To generate leads for its specialized executive courses

Program Results:
The program was driven with different set of creativesfocused on driving leads using retargeting. The campaign was run across search and display. The program drove 18% of all registrations for the mentioned course and 44% of all enquiries.

Client: A Leading University based in Canada
Audience: Users in Middle East seeking Flexible Online MBA Programs
Target Countries: Middle East –Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Israel , Kuwait, Bahrain, others

Program Summary:
Campaign was aimed at creating visibility and driving online registrations for the MBA program offered for audience in Middle East

Program Objective: To drive registrations to online MBA programs for a leading university in Canada

Program Results:
About 2400 candidates were registered successfully for this program. The program was highly successful and drove maximum registrations ever from the region with great visibility for the University

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