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Education 'Ohana is the leading education vertical ad network bringing student audiences from emerging markets ( India, Middle East and South East Asia ) to advertisers across the globe. We help education marketeers enjoy the convenience of reaching out to over 12 million uniques from one single buy, with un-duplicated reach across hundreds of premium education websites. In addition to placements on premium sites, we also overlay education behavior data across multiple inventory sources include ad exchanges, to provide you immense reach into the right audience.

A gamut of targeting options including behavioral targeting, category targeting, day-parting, DMA level geo-targeting, and re-targeting are offered to our clients. Predictive analytics driven optimization, which automatically pushes more impressions to better performing sites and placements is combined with manual optimization performed by a dedicated optimization team to help drive blockbuster results for you - whether you are looking for a branding or a direct response campaign.

In addition to the Education Ohana Display Ad Network, we also help our advertisers use the OhanaQB audience platform to manage digital touchpoints with their audience across search, social media and display, from a single console. OhanaQB helps advertisers tailor marketing messages to every user based on what we know about their intent, and leverages cross channel data to optimize spends and tailor every user engagement action in the funnel, from the advertisement they see to the landing page content they are presented with.

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